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If you have celiac disease then you cannot eat gluten. It is dangerous for your health. But what about everyone else? It is all the rage these days to give up gluten. Eliminating gluten from your diet is not such a bad thing for people that it makes them feel better, even if they do not have celiac disease.

But eliminating gluten just to lose weight? Maybe not.

Jelly Belly jellies do not contain gluten. Whipped cream is gluten-free. White rice is gluten-free. If you choose to go gluten-free, but continue to eat refined sugars, grains and lots of calories, no, you will not lose weight.

Historically, people without celiac disease or gluten intolerance have lost weight following a gluten-free diet because they gave up junk food. But today, gluten-free foods are present in most urban areas and many suburban areas. And many gluten-free substitutes for baked goods are very refined and quite high in sugar.

If you switch from an unhealthy or high-calorie gluten-based diet to an unhealthy or high-calorie gluten-free diet, you probably will not lose any weight. However, if your goal is to lose weight and you have no signs or symptoms of gluten intolerance, then this may not be the best way to do it. But if you want to eliminate gluten because you have symptoms that may be related to gluten intolerance or sensitivity and you want to lose weight, it may be a great way to lose weight and feel good at the same time.

Find out which foods and which food plan works best for you. If it is gluten-free, great! If you need help figuring out which plan is right for you, consult a nutritionist.

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