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10 tips for gluten-free travel

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes Maybe it scares you to take a trip if you are celiac or sensitive to gluten. But you do not have to worry. If you follow these 10 tips, traveling without gluten will be much[…]

Should you eat gluten before a blood test?

Estimated reading time: 1 minute If you are not yet on a gluten-free diet, continue to follow a normal diet, including gluten. If you have been on a gluten-free diet for a few weeks or more, you should start a[…]

20 facts about celiac disease

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes Celiac disease is a long-term digestive and immune disorder that affects the small intestine. Eating gluten-containing foods causes the disease. Gluten is a protein that can be found in wheat, barley, and rye. Here are[…]